Saturday, 7 March 2009

LOLClits...not so funny akshully

I love b3ta, and sitting down with a cup of tea, or possibly something stronger, to read the weekly newsletter when I get in on a Friday night is an enjoyable ritual. This week, the chaps and chapesses at b3ta linked to LOLClits (NSFW!).

Now, at first, I thought LOLClits was pretty funny. Then I saw this. Not funny. SOOOOOO not funny. So not fucking funny that I have complained to b3ta, informed the New York Times, which is where the pictures came from, and worried about whether I ought to be giving LOLClits the publicity that this post might generate.

As well as thinking that female genital mutilation is hilarious, LOLClits also seems to indulge in childish cyberbullying tactics like linking to people who've blogged unfavourably about them, presumably hoping that they'll get flamed, whilst not advertising their own email address on the website. This is kinda like a small child firing at you with a slingshot from the safety of a treehouse. Cowardly, annoying, but not in the least bit scary. They can link to me all they like - I would consider it an honour to be regarded as a threat to anyone who allows shit like that to be published.


The Empress said...

Will you post any responses you get?

The Urban Feminist said...

None so far! I'm surprised b3ta didn't reply in particular.

The Urban Feminist said...

OMG!!!! It's been taken down!!! I wonder if that is because of loads of people leaving comments to the effect of "you fucking sickos do you realise this actually happens", or because the NY Times threatened to sue their asses. said...

Actually it had nothing to do with the NY Times or anyone in general, I couldn't care less if the NY Times sent me a C&D.

Also, B3ta loved the site, they drove like 30,000 hits to it in 2 days.

I took it down for one reason, I never thought it was particularly funny myself, and there were mixed opinions about it. The only reason I put it up in the first place was because it was one of the first submissions. I could see some people being offended by it, and while I wasn't offended myself, I did think it had a tasteless aspect. Sure, people complain about the rest of the site, but I think the complaints are unfounded.

The only reason I ever posted about Emili on the site was because of her attitude, saying that I was a woman hater, saying that the site was INTENDED to be demeaning to women, etc... just because I own a site that features vaginas with image macros on them.

I also find it amusing that you think I would consider it threatening that you or anyone else blogged about me.

As they say, any publicity is good publicity.